Thinking beings, or people, live in accord­ance with laws which are known only to Na- ture. Whenever the Universal Substance (God) sets up the necessary conditions for the rise of living organisms on this or that planet of the Universe, it develops some of its own creations up to that point of perfection where it con­siders them fit enough to be endowed with a particle of its own Universal Reason, or Astral Spirit.

Evgeny had been following the way of the Supreme Cognition since 1941, i.e., for about fifty years. By that time, he got in contact with the spirit of the woman shaman Oya in the Altai mountains and was thus initiated into the astral worlds, into the High Astrals of the Great Indo-Asiatic Triangle «Tibet — Pamirs — Hi­malayas». .

On November 18th 1989, Evgeni was for the first time introduced into the parallel worlds. This happened in the small Czech town of Karlovy Vary. As a result, the whole struc­ture of the Universe was revealed to him. On June 12th 1990, he was honoured with a blessing from God the Spirit who granted him a forecast for the third millennium on behalf of the Universal Substance.








ON JUNE 12TH 1990






       On June 12th 1990, the Universal Sub­stance bestowed upon me a unique gift in­deed. There emerged a marvellous vision which was the most illuminating of all the con­tacts with the Unknown and of all the initia­tions into the Universe's happenings I had ever had since they began so many years ago.

Thi4 Vision was extremely powerful. It was imprinted in my memory as solidly as the im­ages in my kindred and friends. There was nothing unreal "about it at all. The world, as it really is, was revealed to me. Everything I wit­nessed looked natural and was palpable like everything in everyday life.

It was soon after 4 a.m. that the channel for the cosmic communication was switched on, and once again 1 left the limits of our three-dimensional space to enter the parallel, worlds, where the Substance would give me the unique opportunity to feel simultaneously like a thinking being of Earth and a hypostasis of a multidimensional individually operating spiritual entity.

To overcome the  restricted nature of our existence is n' at all quite new to me. But the unique feature of this ascension was that, all of a sudden, I found myself in front of the Higher Spirit of the Universal Substance, represented to m by the Universal Substance in the habitual form of a human being.

The illumination induced by the Universal Substance led me to understand that I was facing the supreme essence о Nature. It was projected upon me a belief that I had something to do with the Higher Spirit of the Universal Substance stepping forward as Godman. This phenomenon differed drastically from the appearance of those creatures I had happened to meet during the long years of penetrating into the non-habitual dimensions and parallel worlds.

The Spirit of the Universal Substance, i.e. Godman, re­clined at ease upon a soft bed, which was set up on an eminence making part of a beautiful green planet, the Universal Substance had let me on.

There was nobody around God the Spirit, neither angels nor other creatures came with the spiritual substance. At the same time I felt that the Spirit was not there alone. God the Spirit emanated an unimaginably powerful stream of light, which was transpiercing me. I presume that this miraculous, all-penetrating, light, was the supreme spiritual force itself which would let me approach God the Spirit and the aura around him, and communicate with him.

God the Spirit looked like a well-built man of middle height at the age of 38 to 40. Dark chestnut-coloured hair fell on his shoulders in waves. I found his eyes rather  grey than blue. They were very piercing. His nose was straight. He wore a small beard.

While contemplating God the Spirit, I approached him, as if charmed, kneeled down and kissed his hand which was stretched out to me. All of a' sudden, the  Spirit of the Universe drew me to him in a fatherly manner, and I was in­effably glad of his leniency. Having approached him, I bent my head on his breast. At that very moment I felt An extra-ordinary harmony and unspeakable elan. The Universe in all its boundless capacity was undulating around, but I was not a grain of sand in this ocean. Such were the strartling qualities of the energy emanating from God the Spirit. This energy transpierced all of me.          When pondering on this nowadays, I come to tire follow­ing conclusion: the Universal Substance, as the all-embracing natural phenomenon, is never to be reduced to just one of its hypostases, for example, the image of Godman. However, as far as human beings are concerned, it is easier for them to perceive and comprehend the higher Universal Substance right in the image of Godman. To meet this requirement, the Universal Substance comes to look in the way that is easy to discern. On the other hand, Godman is not a monistic being managing the Universe according to his likes or dislikes. The Universal Substance is in charge of the Universe as a whole.

As to this particular case, it looks as if here the Universal Substance passes its authority to Godman, This is how 1 un­derstand the interrelationship between Godman and the Universal Substance.

Anyhow, the supreme harmony does exist in Nature. As human reason points out, there is nothing in Nature, from macroobjects to microorganisms, which would exist in a chaotic or arbitrary way. All things and processes of the sur­rounding world are firmly interwoven with one another by the logic conforming to its internal laws. Everything pos­sesses its own causality, and everyone's life experience has many proofs of this.

So, on June 12 th, 1990, I was ineffably joyous about my communication with God the Spirit. The moment when I bent my head on the breast of God the Spirit will always be the happiest for me.   -

As soon as I came to understand" the situation I had found myself in, I made up my mind to use this unique opportunity so that my curiosity could be satisfied. When the permission was given to me, I deferentially addressed Godman with the question which worried me most of all. I asked, «What do you expect from people on earth in the future?»

For not a second did I forget that I was not in the earthly world, that I was a different being already, and that my soul was separated from my perishable flesh.

Godman grinned and looked at me more intently, filling all of me with light which was dense and similar to a strong contrary wind. His mouth was closed, only the comers of his lips gave a slight quiver, but my mind was quickly soaked : with the news. I have no idea how it found its way into my! head settling down there as solidly as the multiplication table. The point is that Godman did not utter a single word, he was just looking at me, but my soul had turned into a vessel ready to be filled in.

In this paper, I will tell everything that was communicated  to me then by Godman on behalf of the Universal Substance: in the same sequence.

What is expected of us in the forthcoming millennium?


I do remember that we, the people, belong to the fifth generation of the thinking beings on the planet, I guess that the Universal Sub­stance has certain plans for us which it prefers not to tell us about. Our reality is evidently not indifferent for either Mature or the planet or the Universal Substance. According to the suggestion I received, the planet Earth is a liv­ing organism as well, the development of which is hidden from the eyes of human being to a large extent. If processes of this development are hindered, it inevitably im­pairs its life-cycle as a whole.

There came an impulse then, as if a pecu­liar push was given to me, which led me to exclaim, «At last!» — There will be no more world wars on Earth.

The armed forces and their armaments as well as the military-industrial complexes of all the states are doomed. Having rejected all kinds of military confrontation, mankind will find itself on a much higher level of thinking. In the third millennium, science will be developing in a profound, even avalanche-­like way, in the same way people will come to understand the potential of both the environment and their own self, and rationally use both natural resources and their own intellec­tual faculties.     

All the efforts of economists and, politicians, scientists and cultural workers will be concentrated, on maintaining the har­monious, well rounded development of human personality. People with troubles and needs will become the natural at­traction point for the functioning of all social institutions. Everything that tends to be detrimental to people and their habitat will be increasingly counteracted and done away with. All this will completely correspond to the logic of the Universe, to that of its existence and evolution.

But at the same time, as far as human relations and appli­cation of scientific and technological innovations are con­cerned, one cannot exclude certain unexpected, unforeseen developments and deviations, even some kind of degenera­tive developments.

The first "century of the third millennium, like the third millennium as a whole, will demonstrate an accelerated and fruitful growth, which is typical nowadays for Japan, Western Europe, and some countries of South-East Asia. This trend will be prevalent. The above-mentioned regions and coun­tries will be joined in by India and Turkey, especially begin­ning in the '30's and '40's. Italy and Germany will break through to the leading positions. Certain successes will be achieved by a number of Latin American countries, first of all by Argentina and Brasil. Australia and New Zealand will ride a soaring wave of growth.

Canada has outstanding prospects for the future. It will become one of the most rapidly advancing countries, one of the centres of world-wide progress. This is as far as the fu­ture is concerned.      

Having passed an intricate' way of evolution, Russia and its former allies will acquire stability, which will begin five to Seven years after the year 2000, and will enjoy the full rights of those participating in the normal development of humanity.

As for the people living in the territory of the USSR, they will get, economically and spiritually emancipated, put this part of the world will be dependent on the specific features brought about by the postulates of, Marxism-Leninism,

For the first half of the century, the USSR region will not be distinguished, by something very special. It is only starting from the '60's and '70s that the development of Russia and the adjacent economic areas will be greatly accelerated up to the point where Russia, like Canada, will find itself in the centre of human progress.

As far as various other countries are concerned, I would like to point out that China will develop extraordinarily; this will happen however not in the first century of the third mil­lennium but some time later.

Judging by a large number of indicators, China will oc­cupy key positions. There will be even an epoch when China will become a Mecca of world progress.

At the very beginning of the new century, a universal lan­guage will be introduced on Earth on the basis of a general consensus among its population. This measure will extremely facilitate international communications. All those inhabiting our planet will study this new language on a par with their vernacular. The national languages will also stay alive and develop together with the corresponding national cultures. As a result, the common language of the world Will serve not to undermine but to consolidate the spiritual unity which will have kept all people together throughout their history.

In 2012 the first manned flight to Mars will take place. It is there that the Universal Substance will admit people to communicate with the surrounding cosmic worlds.

The flight will be undertaken by several states acting together. All the flights to that planet will not be carried out as one-way missions, but as shuttle ones. On Mars, a dis­cover will take place that will be quite surprising for man-kind: a fundamental element of our universe will come there to the fore, i.e., people will penetrate into the, nature of a specific background which exists on Mars and cannot be detected on Earth. This mysterious background will play the mediatory role of the passage bringing together the three dimensions of our world and those akin to the parallel ones.

At one time, people had contact with the new dimension already. This happened when the Americans were disem­barking on the Moon. At that very moment, the Universal Substance demonstrated to the earthlings that peculiar mys­terious background which allowed the astronauts to see something overcoming our earth-bound notions. But the Americans failed to assess this situation correctly; this new state of things frightened them and, as later one could see, deterred them from revisiting the Moon. The vision of the parallel worlds that opened up to the astronauts was taken for devilish tricks and crafty designs of the evil angels. The point however is that on the Moon, there was displayed, though in a weak form, the background that people will be facing on Mars. The active use of this peculiar background will permit them to take the initial steps into the Unknown,

Fate offers mankind not only successes and achieve­ments, but also ordeals and concussions. It happens due to the nature of life itself but not to any supposedly evil de­signs of the Universal Substance allegedly creating malicious plans or premeditated complications. As far as what is going to happen is concerned, it will organically stem from the path that is chosen by mankind itself. With our present-day deeds, already we are contributing to what we will inevitably face tomorrow as well as in decades, centuries, and even millennia!

As Godman revealed to me, in 2017, a tremendous nu­clear plant disaster will happen which will be more horrible and sinister than that of Chernobyl. This catastrophe will take place p the Western Hemisphere. Nuclear energy is hostile "to both man and the Universal Substance. The latter will let people go on with this form of energy production so that they can understand themselves and its erroneous arid blind-alley nature.

Another regrettable development will take place in the '20's of the forthcoming millennium: acts of naked aggres­sion will be committed by a certain country in relation to others.

To be more exact, the United States of America will be ruled at that time by political figures who will try to enforce their influence on neighbouring peoples, to coerce them into obediently following their own way of life. Fortunately, all this will stop short of unleashing a genuine war, but nevetheless, it will mean a stem nerve-racking trial for humanity, and even a cold-war atmosphere will be experienced by the international community once again. As to the territorial whereabouts of the conflict in question, I do assert that it will not take place between the United States of America and the contemporary conglomerate of the people living in the bounds of the Soviet Union and Europe. All those high- pitched mutual pretensions will be voiced on the American continent, in the relations between the United States and its Latin-American neighbours. However, wisdom will ultimately take the upper hand, and the countries involved in the con­flict will solve their mutual claims by peaceful means, Never­theless, one cannot exclude completely some insignficant military actions on the part of the United States to deter the other side and force out concessions,

No matter how inessential the conflict will be, its historic importance resides in the fact that it will be the last attempt on our planet to resolve a controversy by resorting to vi­olence. Nothing similar to it will ever take place on Earth, the people will never try to solve a dispute by force. The human community will act in a wise way and adopt a «Universal Declaration for Mankind» banning both individual and state violence and attempts upon human life. The decla­ration will guarantee that people will realize their natural need in life and rejoice in life, preventing each other from any negative influences and protecting Nature from the deadening impact of unbridled consumption races.

The decisive word in this case will beiong to the, Univer­sal Substance as well. It will teach people how to determine in each human individual the white and black energy as the basic indicator of, Good and Evil! There is screening in all Nature indeed, and as to human deeds, they are also seeds of good and evil. The seeds sprout and, bear fruits which are reaped by those who sow them (or by their decscendants). And when, the interdependence of good and evil in a human individual comes into the open, there is nothing left for the evil but to toe on the defensive,

A discovery of extraordinary importance will take place in the '20's and '30's: a new type of energy called by God- man «antennal energy of the cosmos». This energy will allow people to largely reduce the use of the old types of energy, known not only for its benefits, but also for the negative im­pact on the environment.

The sources of the «antennal energy» are not situated on Earth, The discovery of this energy and its sources in outer space will be made by several countries simultaneously. As soon as this type of energy becomes widely accessible, its uses will comprise all of industrial production and municipal services.

Antennal energy will have real revolutionary consequen­ces as to the entire way of human life. The hydroelectric and nuclear power plants will come to a halt. The boiler furnaces of the thermal power plants will not bum any longer. Most mines and gas fields will fall out of use. The industrial con­sumption of oxygen and the accumulation of carbon dioxide- in the atmosphere will be essentially cut down. The planet itself will heave a sigh of relief. But it is also true that the ne­gative consequences of the predatory uses of energy resources in the past will not be done away with in a wink; people will have to heal the wounds in their habitat for a long while. In the '30's — '50's of the next century, the population of the Earth will diminish drastically. It will happen due to either the planet's ecological malaise or some other reasons. But I do remember one thing: the reduction in the numerical strength of humanity will occur because of its fabulous shortsightedness. The green-house effect, ozone holes, and, AIDS will finally attract people's attention, up to the point where they will begin to actively resist them, and, as a result; the reduction of the world's population will come to a halt by the '50's of the twenty-first century. In the '50's — '70's, mankind will enter an era of global unity. The above-mentioned sharp fall in population will probably be the main factor fostering people's aspirations for unity, mutual assistance, and cooperation. All the frontiers are expected to be opened then and a world money unit will be introduced. The primary role in the hierarchy of values •will be attributed to the level of the development of human talents and intellect. The sentiments of aggressiveness, envy and greed will become anachronistic. The ideas of national­ism, chauvinism, religious intolerance, and the like will become almost completely obsolete in everyday life. Man­kind will work towards generally accessible, convenient forms of communication. There will also be found and firmly rooted- such forms of social life which will definitely corre­spond to the interests of individual people as well as the human community as a whole. All this is supposed to logi­cally stem from the development of the global economic and political systems of the epoch in question. In the '70's the planet will be hit by a crisis of potable water. This crisis will result from natural cataclysms as well as preceding human activities. People will rise to the task, and the problem will be solved, but not without loss, pain, and suffering.

In the process of overcoming the crisis in question, man­kind will create in the twenty-first century a perfect complex of water purification and desalination. The natural filter of the Earth will become its core. This filter will be incorpor­ated into the purification process by means of natural under­ground enclaves.

The forthcoming global water crisis, which will last for fif­teen years, is worth thinking about today. Pure water and air is a guarantee for the physical and moral health of gener­ations to come.

The first century of the third millennium will also be marked by another outstanding achivement: an artificial al­bumen will be synthesized of cosmic plasma. Artificial al­bumen will revolutionize food production. As a result, all living organisms on Earth will receive inexhaustible nutrition supplies.

Having created art artificial albumen which will be identi­cal with the original one, people will change their attitude to 'Wards the animal World, and this will be gratifying for both Sides in the best possible way.        

At present, we treat animals like consumer goods, i.e., barbarically. We do not stop at the thought that Nature gave life to both these creatures and us to rejoice at, bat we have usurped the right to decide whether they must live or not. To come to terms with ourselves, we refer to the Holy Scriptures of the Bible or the Koran asserting that animals are predestined to be used as food by man. But this is a lame justification. My belief is that the synthesis and mass production of albumen, which is second to none as food, may make people more humane than they are at present.

Spiritual and moral values will become decisive in the for­mation of the human personality. Therefore, a new religion will be born at the end of the twenty-first century. I cannot say exactly what it will be like. It will probably incorporate the best of the present-day great religions as well as those discoveries Which will enrich and exalt the spiritual princi­ples of human life.

However, it does not mean that the birth of the new reli­gion will put an end to Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hunduism, and Judaism. One cannot exclude that people will be directed to something more understandable and akin to them from above. The point is that in quest for perfection, people have always been striving forward and higher; the Spirit calls them to harmony, to the penetration into the mysterious and unknown, to pioneering exploits.

So, as I suppose, the new religion will be that of the Higher Spirit, as if the Higher Spirit will re-emerge in front of the renovated man, this time interacting with him on a correspondingly renewed basis. It may be then that the door will open to the enigmatic multidimensional space, the pene­tration into which is. a cherished desire of our dreams.

The religion of the twenty-first century may find itself in the centre of regulating the relationships between man and the Universal Substance. The Spirit is the only thing in fact which brings together man and the Universal Substance. It is thanks to this spiritual connection that I got the opportunity to receive the forecast for the third millennium.




The new century will begin with the forma­tion of the Global Big Circle, a scientific com­munity aimed at prospecting mineral resources. By this time, the unexploited re­sources of iron ore will constitute 85 per cent of the initial deposits; the corresponding figures for coal, oil, and natural gas will be re­spectively 60,40, and 70 per cent. But this forecast deals with the. upper strata of the earth's crust only, which people have learned to penetrate into, overcoming any obstruction, on their part. The point is that the planet's ca­pacity to reproduce its mineral wealth will not have been understood by this time.

In the '20's —'50's of the twenty-second century, mankind will encounter another unpleasant situation. I cannot say exactly what will cause it, but the world's forests will face the threat of extinction. It will bode nothing good for mankind.

We know what role the forests play in the life of both mankind and the planet. The forests are the lungs of the Earth and the threat to them will alarm people. They will begin to look for a way out of this dramatic, al­most desperate situation; the: danger Will finally be done away arid the massive disappearance of the forests will be stopped; The losses inflicted on the planet will nevertheless be grievous. Like in the case of the above-mentioned water and energy resource crises, this circumstance prompts me to conclude that, at present, people must ponder over the way they exploit the planet's resources. The forest is easy to in-' jure. It represents however a whole peculiar world for people, animals, and plants. It contains a whole complex of natural regulators of humidity, temperature, and soil fertility. If the forests perish, mankind will immediately find itself in- an uncomfortable position.

As to the mass destruction, of the forests, although this forecast speaks about a remote future, it is an extremely unpleasant one. It tells us that at present we are applying con­siderable efforts to draw the misfortune. In the '50's — '70's of the twenty-second century, people will completely stop burning oil, coal, and other combustible minerals.  The mass destruction of the forests, and the impoverishment of the flora and fauna will force this move upon them. The organic fuel will be replaced with the new antennal energy of outer space. The natural environment will benefit from this extraor­dinary measure of sanitation.

There will be another development characteristic of the twenty-second century: the Earth will suddenly be hit- by a pandemic of an unknown disease affecting the organ of sight. The Universal Substance kept silent as to the cause of this disease. But the struggle against it, unlike that against AIDS, will not last long: science will be quick to find the antidote. The consequences of the pandemic will not be hard either. However, people must know that in the future they will have to encounter unknown diseases. This prior knowledge will serve them to counteract their sequel well beforehand.

The '80's and '90's of the twenty-second century will be remarkable for a number of astonishing discoveries. People will invent and construct, for example, a flying vacuum ap­paratus which will boundlessly expand their capacity to travel in space, including the outer space. This apparatus will radically change human ideas about locomotion. The outer space will no longer be as alien and hostile to map as it is today, and the remote worlds will become nearer and more accessible. It is roughly at the same period that an .active colonization of the Moon, that Natural satellite of the Earth, will begin. It is «natural» for us, human beings, but it was not by chance that the Universal Substance designed and cre­ated the Earth and the Moon as a unified planetary system. Everything in the Universe is full of meaning, everything is characterized by most solid and profound interconnections. At present, the Moon is for us a poetic nocturnal luminary attracting the tide of the oceans. But the Moon possesses magnetic properties, as well it plays the role of the shuttle in creating the biopolar linen of the Earth which makes all in­animate matter alive and endows living beings with thought.

But people will do me to know all this later. As to the period in point, they will be actively constructing on the Moon interstellar sites and hangars for space ships. Mankind will transport to the Moon the production of those materials which cannot be manufactured on the Earth without poison­ing and polluting the environment. The Moon will become indispensable for the production of some manufactured goods. The production will be run on a concession basis by an association of several states.

From the very beginning of the twenty-second century, the Moon will be more actively used by human beings. It will become an important factor of securing the life of both the Earth and the people themselves. And there is nothing to wonder at. I think that the Universal Substance designed the universe so harmonically that as far as our solar con­glomerate is concerned, the Sun is the luminary granting life, the Earth's role is that of the mother, and as to the Moon, our nearest neighbour, it is the guardian of all thinking. The Moon's position in the cyclic interaction of the planets is fixed in such a way that it possesses an enigmatic magical. «N», which people still have to solve. This «N» was pro­jected onto me as a symbol figured on the lunar disc during a seance of my communication with the Cosmic Reason.

Having created the Moon, the Universal Substance con­tributed to the well-being of man well in advance, and we'd better think hard about this to be able to use the magic of the Moon so that the development of humankind progresses.



This century will bring people a number of riddles. It is not by chance that the code name for it, as introduced by the Universal Substance, is «the century of great riddles».

The development of technology will result in great strides in genetics and human biol­ogy. People will also expand their knowledge concerning the interaction of the Earth with other celestial bodies. A number of important discoveries will be made. A big shift in the life of human beings will be caused by an unpre­cedented arrival of extra-terrestrials some­where in the first decade of this century. The contacts with them will reward people with new knowledge about the Universe. It should, be noted that at present we are at the very; beginnig of the advent of extra-terrestrials.

The point is that those who are called b, us extra-terrestrials, and who do not belong in fact to other planets, travel in «flying saucers» (unidentified flying objects). To be able to emerge in front of us, they do not have-to cover great dis­tances. They are not coming from other, galaxies or any other outer-space systems. They are not extra-terrestrials at all. We were the ones who attached the label of extra-terrestrials to them because we did want them to be creatures from other planets.

However, the so-called extra-terrestrials are not like the living beings on Earth made of flesh and blood. They are guests from parallel worlds where the structure of matter is different. They are like cuts of the parallel worlds emerging in our dimension as lightning which shows us the mysterious world around them for a minute fraction of time. The same happens to the projections of the «extra-terrestrials» from the parallel worlds onto the three-dimensional space of ours. But what about the flying machines, the spaceships with their volumetric images and motion? All these effects are nothing else but results of the introduction of the multidimensional space into the physical three-dimensional one we are a part of. These phenomena possess neither physical substance, nor volume, nor corporeity. In other words, one can say that, as far as our world is concerned, the extra-terrestrials exist and do not exist at the same time because their organization does not take part in the dimensional structure of human­kind. We are just at the very beginning of getting ac­quainted with the above-mentioned phenomenon. And we are not sure whether we should study it further. But the point is that in the twenty-third century, this phenomenon will rise to such massive proportions that it will stir up human interest indeed.

With the advent of the twenty-third century, people will gradually come to know how to manifest their out-of-the-way capacities (which are in a slumbering state at present) and change over from the material world into the immaterial one. The extra-terrestrials will help people to achieve this. After­wards, in. turn, they will begin to visit us in large numbers.

It will not take people long to learn how to transform themselves into the other dimensions while keeping to the three-dimensional reality at the same time. There will emerge a rather strange situation, if measured by the pres­ent-day standards of our planet. One thing is certain: mankind will benefit from this state of things more than it does in the world of overt international tensions.

It should be stressed that the large-scale visits of the extra-terrestrials will not do any harm to the Earth. There will be no aggressiveness from either side. There will be neither harmful residual phenomena nor stress situations of any kind.

The enthusiasm caused by the extra-terrestrials' visits to the Earth and by the human beings coming to master the techniques of penetrating the parallel worlds will stimulate people to synthesize a thinking being that would be superior to themselves. Large-scale scientific resources will be used for this purpose and R&D work will last for many years.

All those attempts will ultimately end in failure. People will realize that it is a prerogative of the Universal Substance to create a man, but not that of people. But one thing is re­ally interesting: in the course of that research there Will be invented a reliable method to conserve people themselves. The conservation will be efficient enough, it will represent no danger for those conserved and cause no complications. There will also be a technology of bringing the human or­ganism's biological processes to a halt and «launching» them in due time so that the organism is in full swing again. This discovery will greatly facilitate the journeys to remote worlds which could last whole decades or even centuries.

Outer space and human life are not of the same order. There will come a time when people will be forced to trans­migrate to other planets. And in this case the technology of bringing life to a halt and restarting it again will render a good service to them: the dark abyss of outer space will not swallow them like a grain of sand, it will not kill them but re­spond as if letting them go. In 2222, people will have to face an ominous natural phenomenon. We know that earth-quakes, tsunamis, inundations, and solar magnetic storms do not depend on human will. I would like to add that all of them operate not blindly but as profoundly law-abiding de­velopments manifesting the activity of the Universal Sub­stance itself. So far we know nothing about what is really law-abiding. Perhaps, we ourselves foster the disasters which we call natural.

In 2222, the Earth's crust will move a little bit. This shift will be a rather weak one, if we relate it to the scope of the planet as a whole, it will nevertheless be accompanied by horrendous earthquakes on almost all of the continents.

As a result, the African continent will be displaced from its platforms; although this dislocation will be rather insignifi­cant, people and animals will have to go through terrible ca­tastrophes, The dislocation of Africa will perturbate the water mass of the oceans Having received the tremendous shove, the water will rush ashore. There will rise gigantic tidal waves which will gush out to the .coastal plains. Many parts of the Earth's surface will be covered with water for a certain lapse of time.

The material damage will be extremely great. The recon­struction of the towns and villages that were washed away and destroyed will cost a lot of money and will take two or three decades. After that, people all over the world will turn to building exclusively earthquake - resistant houses and other constructions.

It should be noted that for the people of the third millen­nium, it will be much easier to endure that catastrophe than it would be for us. Science and technology will have pro­gressed greatly by that time and people will have learned to meet emergencies in a highly organized manner. Also, the forecasts of the natural calamities will have stopped to be of the kind of the tea-leaves reading. So it will be increasingly difficult to catch people unaware. By that time, people will have created perfect airships and other transportation fa­cilities so that it will be no problem for them to lift them­selves as well as their houses and various other buildings above the Earth's surface and to guarantee their security for a long while.

The shift of the Earth's crust and the wide-spread earth­quakes will also result in a climatic waning. This warming will change the climate zones beyond recognition; the human way of life will be correspondingly changed too.

It is quite remarkable that at this difficult period there is expected to be a birth of a genius. This eminent son of the planet will be born namely in France in the year 2270. He will make a number of great discoveries which will radically change the way of life. Thanks to the inventions and innova­tions in question, humankind will attain new standards of liv­ing and will quickly and painlessly do away with the aftermath of the severe natural disasters.

I cannot say anything certain about the exact contents of the above-mentioned discoveries, for the Universal Sub­stance informed me about nothing but the year of the great man's birthday and the boundless affluence of his research endeavours.

 As far as the structure of the genius's intellect is con­cerned, it will turn out to be a unique concentration of the creative powers of the Universal Substance in one man.

The Universal Substance endows a genious with a super- strong energy fund and provides him with all-seeing eyes. That is why it is an easy task for a genius to understand exactly what the needs of humankind are at a given period of time.

All in all, it is useful to keep in mind that the geniuses used to come just when people, having found themselves at the most crucial transitional points of their history, were in desperate need of their prophetic word. Geniuses are neither for beaten paths nor for the epochs when the time is out of joint. They emerge at the decisive moments of history and steady the turn to new ways with their ideas and selfless mode of life. The last decades of the third century will go under the spell of the genius from France and his dis­coveries.




The twenty-forth century can be charac­terized as that of underground quests and dis­coveries. But it will begin with the greatest discovery ever dreamt of by mankind: longev­ity will become no secret at all. This remarkable break-through will be met with general jubilance.

For most of their lives, people have been trying to guess the riddle of longevity. Who has not ever dreamt of the water of life or the elixir of eternal youth? Who has not ever im­agined himself or herself in the role of the happy owner of them? And after all, the in­quiries of the scientists and the prophecies of those who will have been admitted to the cos­mic communication channels by the Universal Substance will result in people ultimately coming to know the; longevity secret.

Although the mechanism of longevity will become known, people will not be able to use it at will, i.e. uncontrolled. The Universal Substance will let people comprehend the great mystery of longevity and immortality, but it will leave the control oven the elixir of youth and vigour to itself.

The point is that the change of generation on the eternal road of life is the most powerful factor of development, and this factor is always in full play. Immortality is not only benevolent, it can malignantly lead to the extinction of the onward march of history. The Universal Substance is against immortality. Immortality and longevity will be endowed to people selectively, singling out only those who will do humanity some  good!   It should be stressed that the epoch-making discovery of the lonegvity mechanism will step forward as the sign of the times: due to the natural calamities, the size of the Earth's population will curtail drastically. But Nature will be providing humankind with an opportunity to live longer and keep up with the highest requirements of life by doing good and rejecting what is evil.

As I have mentioned earlier, the fourth century third millennium will be remembered due to the clarification of the internal composition of the Earth, so it will be the century when people will open the sealed door leading to the realm of the subterranean.

People are born on Earth. On Earth they live, and into it they go. But it is also as easy as ABC to understand that Earth so far is a great mystery to us.       

The strenuous efforts to penetrate into the depths of the Earth will begin with the advent of the forth century. Dozens of underground expeditions will tirelessly furnish unparalleled data about the continental platforms, this oceanic bottom, and the underlying strata. There will be manufactured special equipment to move hundreds of kilometer underground. But all that activity will be of great risk for people as well as for all living organisms on Earth in general.

The researchers will encounter almost insurmountable obstacles. The deeper people will go underground, the stronger the resistance to their endeavour will bе, until finally they will be endangered by ominous surprises of a kind we have not the slightest idea about today. The point is that we do not know how the subterranean energy is generated and what elements it is composed of. The researcher will come to understand the plasma structure of the deeply lying strata, the principles of energy auto regeneration, and its ac­cumulation and transition from one type to another.

The underground elements, like the cosmos, pertain to the prerogatives of the Universal Substance, which is respon­sible for their normal functioning. The position of people in relation to them is much more Complicated. Their search takes place mostly at random , by probes and errors; and they will often find themselves powerless to overcome the resistance of the underground systems. But later on, as usual, people will rally their strength and proceed with expanding their knowledge.

In the '40's of the fourth century, all major difficulties of the underground search will be done away with, and people will be profusely rewarded for their indefatigable longing for knowledge, for their persistence and industry. This will be the time when humankind will make one of its most remark­able discoveries; it will come to know and master a new type of energy. The whole mode of life will be transformed as a result. With this in mind, one can speak of this discovery as the miracle of the third millennium. The major significance of this discovery lies in the fact that people will acquire the capacity for adapting the underground energy to their needs, including those of supporting the vitality of the human organism, by transforming it into electricity and radiant energy. So the antennal energy of the cosmos will be coupled with the underground accumulative one, the latter becoming dominant in consumption. The extraction and ex­ploitation of this energy will be much cheaper in comparison to the cosmic one.

A ramified network of cosmic energy receivers will have been constructed by that time, and that will mean heavy ex­penditures. The new energy sources will be both less ex­pensive and more secure to deal with. At an accelerated tempo, people will shift to the use of underground accumula­tive energy deposits and discover rather soon that the sup­plies are practically inexhaustible i.e., they are sufficient for the many millennia mankind will stay on Earth.

Another eminent discovery will take place in the last de­cades of the fourth century. It is interesting to note that it will also be connected with the penetration into the secrets of the realm of the subterranean. In those years there will be a comprehensive calculation of all the Earth's resources, in­cluding underground water as well as gas, oil, ferrous, non- ferrous and noble metal ores, and diamonds. The upper layer of the earth's crust, called the quarternary sediment, will re­veal all of its deposits. People will prospect exactly the amount of all mineral resources. But the most important thing is that people will establish the structure of the Earth's core. They will come to know that the underground accumu­lative system constantly renews and reproduces this or that element which we relate to the mineral resources. By this, time there will have been designated on Terra-maps the principal points of the magic accumulative activity which is taking place under the crust and gives life to the Earth.

The discovery of the accumulative points of the realm of the subterranean will permit people to determine the via­bility (or the health) of the planet for many millennia to come. At that period of the active underground penetration, people will try to settle within the subterrestrial structures providing themselves with adequate housing conditions. This work will last for decades, but after all, the underground Odyssey will turn out to be a failure, the narrow space limits Will be too depressing, and the idea to live underground will be ultimately dropped. But the very fact that people will have penetrated underground, studied the structural features of the Earth, and come to know its secrets and law-abiding developments will constitute the greatest discovery made by humanity in the fourth century of the third millennium.




The first two decades of this century will be beneficial for human life. The Earth's accu­mulative energy discovery will be advant­ageous so far as this energy will be cheap and easy to apply for both industrial and everyday common purposes. It will genuinely ennoble the human environment.

The accumulative energy of the Earth will help make work easier for plants and factories and industrial production as a whole will be less harmful. The cultivation of land, transport communications, and microclimate condition­ing will become simpler. When in use, this energy will be competely harmless and pure so that smog and air pollution will be eliminated. This will be a great relief not only for people but also for plants and animals.

In the middle of the '30's of the fifth cen­tury, the planet Earth will be suddenly hit by baneful solar storms, which will severly worsen life conditions. The resulting situation, rigidly fixed and unfavourable, will impair biological processes. Animals will begin to die in numbers first among them will be wild animals in their habitat. The human population will diminish also, although insignifi­cantly. Resorting to years of experience in withstanding natural disasters people will manage to defend and secure their life. At this period, people will stop eating meat and fish to diminish the damage inflicted on the biosphere and to preserve the stock. Cattle slaughter and fishing will cease entirely.

By the middle of the fifth century, the solar storms will calm down and life, on Earth will return to normal. These will be the years when people, sparing no effort to save the ani­mals and themselves, will create a new habitat in order to master the underwater world. They will begin to construct underwater towns on a mass scale and will learn to extensively employ the resources of the oceans and seas. The ac­tive exploitation of the depths of the oceans and seas will result in a number of interesting discoveries.

Having penetrated into the underwater world, people will revise their understanding of its nature, study its energy bal­ance as well as Its plants and animals. They will actively use the accumulative underground energy to engage in the ex­ploitation of the oceans and seas, and to build houses and other constructions. Half of their ration will be made up of sea products.

In these decades, we will also see the creation of a new strain of animal fit to live underwater.

It will be demonstrated once again the unparalleled adaptability of humankind to environmental changes.

So, if the fourth century will be of the exploration and exploitation of the underground depths, the fifth century will be primarily characterized as the exploitation of the water expanse. People will succeed in this domain as well. The new environment will affect their physique too. While adjusting themselves to the new conditions of their existence, they will gradually rebuild the regime and rhythm of the life cycle of the body. For the same purposes as their activity on land, they will develop the body further, training it to live under new circumstances. It should be noted that only a part of the Earth's population will be living underwater, and the bulk of it will continue to stick to the natural milieu of human life.




The sixth century of the third millennium will be concentrated on the Moon and of the migra­tion of people to other planets.

When the solar activity will be very intensive and pernitious and the atmosphere will cease to serve as a reliable shield againts infrared rays, people will learn to live underwater and to pene­trate deeply underground. At that time, scientists will begin to scrutinize the problems of using other planets for human needs. The Moon will be viewed by them as the place where the ideal spring-board could be built.

The Moon will reveal many of its secrets to the people. They will discover in particular the law of the «interaction between the Moon and the Earth». This is the law which guarantees the conservation of the Earth's bioenergetic background, called once «noosphere» by the Russian scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky.

All human beings on Earth are linked to the noosphere. It is due to this fact that they get involved in the strenuous spiritual activity exercised by mankind.

The Moon is not just the Earth's natural satellite, it is a component of a cosmic complex consructed by the Univer­sal Substance for the life of thinking beings.

Besides, the Moon functions as a gigantic cosmic antenna which responds to all the bioenergy fields and projects them onto the Earth as well as connects everybody with the Universal cosmic channel. Until the cosmic tandem of the Earth and the Moon operates, the existence of homo sapiens on the planet is guaranteed. As far as the solar system is concerned, let us take the planet Mars, for example. Once there were also active forms of life, including thinking beings on Mars. Life was sustained and preserved on Mars because of the natural satellite which would produce and reproduce the bioenergetic background. Thus, in accordance with the laws of the Universe, there came a time when the tandem of Mars and its satellite was broken, and there was nothing left but small splinters of the satellite, such as Phobos. So it was the satellite of Mars which would stimulate the process of life on the planet.

Let us not exclude the idea that Mars was the birthplace of our foreparents and that the thinking beings of Mars, hav­ing guessed the forthcoming destruction of their planet's sat­ellite, migrated to the Earth where they found a much more favorable environment for themselves.

At the beginning of the sixth century, scientists will resort to the above-mentioned law-abiding phenomenon and make the Moon a part of the life-space of humanity. In the '50's — '70's, people will cross the black expanse of outer space to loach the binary planets, the physical and bioenergetic conditions of which are analogous to those of the Earth. The Moon will be used by them as the intermediary starting- ground.              

At the end of the twenty-sixth century, people will begin to migrate to other planets in a regular and perseverant way. Those staying on Earth will encounter increasingly difficult problems, and their brain will be incessantly perfected while looking for new ways to overcome them.


Speaking about the twenty-sixth century, I can't help but linger on a specific feature of the forecast which I received from the Universal Substance. The year 2565 was desig­nated as that of the birth of the «Black Flower». The meaning of this phenomenon was not revealed to me, and so I have not the slightest idea about its nature and consequen­ces. So I repeat that the only thing communicated to me in this case was that the year 565 would be that of the birth of the «Black Flower», and nothing else was added. I think that by that date humanity will be ready with both the adequate understanding of the «Black Flower» and, if necessary, the measures to neutralize the negative impact of it.

It is difficult to say something unequivocal about it at present. But nevertheless I got the exact date: the year 2565. It is of no use to try now to understand this, because people will relate the «Black Flower» to something like one more ozone hole, AIDS or a catastrophe similar to that of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

I am referring to the bleeding wounds of the present-day life. All those disastrous results of human activity may be re­garded as prototypes of the forthcoming «Black Flower» in­deed. One should constantly keep in mind that people outrageously violate Nature and unleash in return reprisals of colossal might.




The seventh century of the third millen­nium will be remarkable for the discovery of an extra-terrestrial civilization. This discovery will be a real sensation: for the first time, people will directly face thinking beings like themselves. Although this will happen in the eighth decade of the twenty-seventh century, the century as a whole will leave nothing more essential behind.

By this time, the expeditions to remote planets will have lost their unique character. The strenuous search for worlds fit for human life will have resulted in one of those expedi­tions disembarking on a planet occupied by a civilization of thinking beings developed much  higher than that of man.

       It will be in fact the first such contact  throughout the history of human civilization. (The point is that the visions of the UFOs managed by extra-terrestrials are nothing else but projections representing the life of the parallel worlds). So it will be the first contact between people and a civiliza­tion of similar thinking beings also living in the three-dimensional space.

The planet inhabited with the thinking beings in point will tie discovered in the constellation of Cancer. When the ex­pedition reaches it, they will be given a very cordial and benevolent welcome.

The size of the planet X (let us call it so) is 5-6 times bigger than that of the Earth. It will have a Moon of its own, a rather dense atmosphere saturated with oxygen, and a nor­mal climate judging by Earth standards.

The population of the planet X will not be numerous. Its inhabitants will disembark on it just several centuries before the arrival of the human beings, and their journey will last several years.

The human beings will call the society of the thinking beings on the planet X «Civilization of the luminous people». The pretext for this name will be the halo-like luminescence which will puzzle the human beings at first. The lumines­cence of these thinking beings is a sign of their forefathers' planet where their civilization was born.

Judging by their appearance, the inhabitants of the planet X will be like human beings, and therefore the mutual rela­tions will be established in a rather rapid and natural way. These relations will be beneficial for both sides. Later the «luminescent people», being a higher civilization, will take the initiative. Soon a joint expedition of the human beings and «luminescent people» to the planet Earth will be under­taken to meet a cordial welcome there.

The «luminescent people» will be surprisingly open-minded and generous. They will teach human being's to exert controlling influence on the trajectory of the Earth.

The knowledge acquired in this way will become the greatest achievement of humanity: people will get the oppor­tunity to change the planet's trajectory according to designs of their own. But the Universal Substance did not go into de­tails about that.

The «luminescent people» will transfer to human beings some other discoveries in the field of cosmic energy uses.

They will also teach human beings how to create on other planets an atmosphere favourable to themselves.

All of these Innovations and pieces of knowledge will greatly increase man's scientific and technological potential and help to fight natural calamities and overcome various difficulties.

The relations with planet X's inhabitants will be extreme­ly fruitful due to the following: inherently, the «luminescent people» from the planet X are not at all aggressive, they are very benevolent. Being experts in telepathy, they will read human beings' thoughts even at a distance and will very soon pay attention to their heightened aggressiveness. So they will teach them how to neutralize that trait of their character and concentrate all of their feelings and ideas on good, beneficial deeds.

However, there will be no assimilation between the people of the Earth and planet X because of the sharp differences and even incompatibility of their respective organisms' genetic structure.

The «luminescent people» will communicate to humanity a forecast according to which, in the twenty-eighth century, the Earth will be in danger of coming into collision with a cosmic body. This warning of the «luminescent people» will alert the human beings, and they will begin to work hard to ward off the menace.




The beginning of this century will be marked by the coming of the «cosmic stranger». The inter­section of its orbit with that of the Earth will be expected to take place in 2720. And our planet will find itself exactly in that particular point too. What will be done? The knowledge communi­cated by the «luminescent beings from the planet X will come to the rescue of humanity. It will be knowledge about how to control the planet's tra­jectory.

Long before the arrival of the asteroid, people will begin to watch it, and they will certainly do everything necessary to avoid the collision.

People will try to avoid the tragic collision with the asteroid which found itself near the Earth more than sixty thousand years ago when it just touched its surface, burnt it, and changed the di­rection of the planet's rotation axis. The aftermath was horrendous. We can recollect the death of the dinosaurs and other fossil animals on a mass scale. And so the same cosmic body will supposedly collide with the Earth again in 2720.

During this time, the Earth will meet the cosmic voyager armed with all the necessary knowledge. When the asteroid enters the Earth's gravitation zone, the route of the latter will be correspondingly altered, and no direct hit will happen. The cosmic body will pass near the Earth without creating ally serious problems, and disappear in the boundless ex­panse of outer space.

But I wouldn't say that the encounter with the asteroid will not have negative consequences for the Earth.

The flight of the asteroid in the Earth's gravitation zone will have its aftermath. The axis of the planet will shift a bit for a while, but later the centrifugal force will put it back in its own place. Nevertheless, the temperature on the planet will fall, although later the climatic balance will be restored. The shift of the axis and the asteroid's close proximity will lead to some geographical changes on the Earth as well. The displacement of huge masses of water from some reservoirs to others will cause, for example, the formation of several new seas and lakes; in some areas the land surface will be opened up and magma will spell out. All this will give rise to certain problems but people will resolve them rather quickly.

The century in question will see a number of successful expeditions to remote cosmic planets which will result in home brilliant discoveries. One of the expeditions will bring from a far-away planet a substance capable of self-reproduction in a prescribed form by generating crystals. The new will be used as a unique construction material which will allow people to easily create volumes of any form  and configuration. As a result, dwelling-houses, factory buildings, weirs, and stadiums will be constructed rapidly and inexpensively. The new material will be especially efficacious in building underwater towns. In other words, there will take place, as a matter of fact, a real revolution in construction and in urban engineering. The architects will build unique structures which will change the look of the towns, then ever, people will be satisfied with the creative of their architects.

Another important factor will be a sharp reduction of the share of natural resources used in construction. It will be no longer necessary to produce so much timber, to smelt so many million tons of steel to reinforce buildings. The new construction material will expand the creative options of hu­manity so greatly that they will become practically bound­less. And the most important point is that the more people that are building, the better the environment will become.




The twenty-ninth century will bring hu­manity significant discoveries in cosmology. People will be very satisfied with these discoveries. Throughout history, humanity has been scrutinizing the spangled skies, regard­ing the cosmos as the greatest mystery of the universe and searching for contacts with cosmic powers.

The discoveries of the twenty-ninth cen­tury will show what people have been looking for in the cosmic depths situated nearby, though the different dimensions. The universe is harmonious according to its law-abiding nature. The immediate environment is harmonious too. The scientific discoveries also form a harmonious system, and this is law-abiding as well. Therefore, the discovery in question will arrive at just the right moment. I mean the transition to the other dimensions. Instead of continuing to knock at a blind wall without having any idea of what could be behind it, people will go through to be surprised at the unknown expanse in front of them.

By the way, it will be just another ordinary step in the studies of the Universe, and its visible and invisible struc­tures.

Scientists have determined at present that only ten per cent of the Universe's matter is susceptible to the observa­tion and perception of people and their instruments. These ten per cent include various cosmic objects such as planets, stars, black holes, star clusters, as well as the airless space we treat at present as a vacuum or as absolute emptiness but it has never been like this in fact.

Ninety percent of the cosmos is composed of so-called dark mass, i.e., such forms of matter which is unknown to man. So the structure of this dark magic mass will have come to be known at last. It is this mass which is responsible for the powerful gravitation field regulating all the processes of the Universe and prescribing to it the laws of its evol­ution.

We can recollect that in the twenty-eighth century the «luminescent beings» from the planet X will help people manage to control the Earth's trajectory. That will have been the starting point of the cognition of the cosmic law-abiding structural developments which I would like to call the «black box of the twenty-ninth century when people will finally open the mysterious «black box» and penetrate into the other dimensions. New worlds will be awaiting them there, and once again people will be surprised at the many-sided and unbounded nature of the Universe dimly conjectured by them before.

This discovery will greatly change the human way of life as well as human self-evaluation. The universe and the place of man in it will become more comprehensible and more within the grasp of people than, ever before. They will ex­tend their options further on, and will be held again in higher esteem what we call morality and the purposefulness of deci­sion making. People will have to resolve unequivocally a cer­tain set of acute problems before coming to master the contents of the «black box of Nature's undiscovered secrets". As never before, people will be keenly aware of the weak points proper to their own nature. The weak points will be singled out and the basic ones are mutual aggressiveness, and the complex of superiority and leadership. A whole set of measures to overcome aggressiveness will be worked out. Finally, humanity will understand that no knowledge will be helpful if it does not follow high aspirations and most pure minded and kind-hearted intentions.

The multidimensional natural environment itself will serve as a wall in the way of human imperfection making people impotent to gain evil, selfish ends.

By the way, a similar situation is being experienced by us today. Can AIDS mean anything else but not a caution from above? Can it be anything else but not a strict order to fol­low the laws of morality and keep away from debauchery? So humanity will face the same challenge again. It will have to either renounce the vices or stop in its own development. I presume that reason will give the right answer to the ques­tion in point and lead, to the correct choice. However, cer­tain losses should not be excluded because the human self protests against any tutelage and any form of violence. Those people whose convictions give way to their will are supposed to find themselves in a detrimental position. One cannot exclude that such persons will have to loose their life. This is the forecast, and it is not my task to refute or even comment on it.







The last century of the third millennium will be characterized by an astounding growth of towns und underwater settlements. It will be a further de­velopment of the trend launched by the discovery of the crystal material. The construction boom will go on acquiring more and more refined and ex­quisite forms.      

The space explorations will become more intensive. The expeditions will take space ex­plorers farther away from Earth. The penetration into the secrets of the «black box» will smooth the  hostility of the cosmos towards man. The discovery of this fact will alter and transform the whole struc­ture of the relationships between man and the universe.

As one can see, there will be similar situations concerning the place of thinking beings in the universe before; every civilization goes through the same stages of development. Nevertheless, the civilizations are not alike, they differ from each other as to this or that trait.

Humanity bears the stamp of good and evil genii, and everybody's behaviour can be both excellent and abominable. It should be noted that the conduct of a people as well as that of a single individual leaves its traces. Any deed has its  outcome which, in turn, contributes to a summary result.

This is an immutable law of the Universal Substance with regard to thinking beings, to all those who know what they do. And life never follows either the detrimental line or the favourable one only. The two always go together, they interlace, and a harmony is possible, especially as a result of developments ­controlled by thinking beings. In the Universe, where space and time are equivalent, the repurcussions of this or that development arrive at a most unexpected moment. They may last for years or even centuries, but, on the the other hand, they may follow in a twinkling. It is an axiom that nothing is ever over without leaving a trace, every deed carries either an active, positive charge or a passive, negative one. And every deed provides for its consequences which will inevitably come.

The progressive developments of the thirtieth century will be centered on India, France, and Canada. The most inquisitive thought process will be concentrated within their bounds;  poets, artiste, and scientists will be most favourably welcomed there. 1 would like to point out that, by that time, the national frontiers will have lost any use and disappeared, and the names of Canada, India and France will be correspondingly relative. The national distinctions and languages will be definitely preserved, but humanity will have long before formed one common family, while leaving its past con­tentions and scuffles on the junkyard of history. The respect for what we call the original nature of one's self and national streaks will be much more sincere and profound than, it is at present. The state will wither away, the managerial functions will be dealt with by elective forms of power and a global government which will be set up everywhere in the most favourable conditions for the total development of human personality.

 By the end of the thirtieth century, the population of the planet will not be more than three milliard people; about a milliard of them will be living under the depths of lakes and seas. So people will be fond of water, and it will become the home for a milliard of them.

Judging by their appearance, people will undergo no changes for the millennium in question. Nevertheless their vegetative nervous system and brain will adjust to heavy work loads. The sense of location will develop by people in the course of their interaction with the parallel worlds.

 It should be noted that beyond the third millennium, people will live in an even more fruitful way. The planet Earth as a life carrier will be functioning in the solar system for about 1.5 million years. But there will be left not more than fifty thousand years for humanity to stay on it By then, living conditions will cease to satisfy people. However, people have time at their disposal to find a suitable place to live in other worlds. I am eager to believe that people will always find а proper place in the unbounded outer space, and for those seeking to get the right answer to the question «Are there other thinking beings in the Universe?» there is nothing to worry about, for the answer is in the affirmative. The point is that the existence of the world is meaningless without thinking beings, and man is just one of them. This is an immutable law of the Universe expressing the highest sense of the Universe's existence, that bf its big and small forms. The surrounding world is created for man, and vice versa. This is an immutable law of Nature.                    

Having introduced one of the terrestrials to decoding the information about how humanity will live in the third millen­nium, the Universal Substance just slightly lifted the curtain hiding the scene of events of universal importance for people to become wiser.

Being a demigod of Nature, man should neither err nor discredit himself with his own actions. This must be kept in mind by all those who are interested in my forecast for the' third millennium. The forecast was revealed by the Universal Substance. We should be grateful to it for having slightly op­ened the door to its secrets. The future by itself is the most cherished secret of Nature.

The forecast provided by the Universal Substance stops at the thirtieth century. Life will soon open the door to the first century of the third millennium for us; as to our descend­ants, they will live striving for the same, for happiness.

The last point I was told to transmit is the following: «Life comes from the cosmos, but its code stays on Earth».




The Russian text given here contains quotations from his works which are largely known to English readers. In Rus­sian, they are not widely known. In the letter to his son Caesar, the author speaks about God the Creator who to make his soothsaying and sends him and other prophets and heralds of the future like him a live sparkle of true Light; This touch of the divine Eternity is what is properly called inspiration. This supernatural shining coupled with knowl­edge led Michel Nostradamus, who was a physician, a poet and an astrologer, to produce his extraordinary prophecies. He managed, for example, to predict the death of Henri II four years in advance. Is it not the fate of Soviet Russia what the letter to Henri II dated June 27, 1557, tells us about? Nostradamus writes about the coming of the epoch of a new Babylon with its obnoxious prostitution and repugnant empti­ness of spiritual life. This epoch will supposedly have lasted for exactly 77 years and 7 months.

However there are light spots in Micheal Nostradamus' prophecies. In Centurion 10, near the lines telling about the XXI century, there are words about the long-awaited coming of the Ruler of Light and Knowledge. So this man comes. «And the Genius of the Orient will resurrect in Love»... Or else, does it mean that the salvation of our civilization should be expected to come from the East?

Hope is something one would like to long for...







And I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, «Go and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God into the earth».

2.   And the first angel went and poured out his bowl into the earth; and it became a loathsome and malignant sore upon the men who had the mark of the beast and who wor­shiped his image.

3.    And, the second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood like that of a dead man; and every living thing1 in the sea died.

4.   And the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of waters; and they became2 blood.

5.     And I heard the angel of the waters saying, «Righteous art Thou, who art and who wast, О Holy One because Thou didst judge those things;

6.   for they poured out the blood of saints and prophets, and Thou hast given them blood, to drink. They deserve it».

7.   And I heard the altar saying, «Yes, О Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Thy judgments».

8 And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun; and it was given to it to scorch men with fire,

9. And men were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power, over these plagues; and they did not repent, so as to give Him glory.

10.  And the fifth angel poured out his bowl upon the throne of the beast; and his kingdom became darkened; and they gnawed their tongues because of pain.

11.  and they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores; and they did not repent of their deeds.


                   ¹ Lit., soul. Some ancient miss read thing the things in the sea.

                   ² Same ancient mss read it became



12.  And the sixth angel pored out his bowl upon the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up, that the way might be prepared for the kings from the east.

13.  And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs;

14.  for they are spirits of demons, performing songs, which go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of God, the Al­mighty.

15.  («Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays awake and keeps his garments, lest he walk about naked and men see his shame».)

16. And they gathered them together to the place which in Hebrew is called Har-Magedon3.

17. And the seventh angel poured out his bowl upon the air; and a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, «It is done».

18.  And there were flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder; and there was a great earthquake, such as there had not been since man came to be upon the earth, so great an earthquake was it, and so mighty.

19. And the great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And Babylon the great was remem­bered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of His fierce wrath.    

20. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

21.  And huge hailstones, about one hundred pounds each 4, came down from heaven upon men; and men blas­phemed God because of the plague of the hail, because its plague was extremely severe.




1.    And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth passed away, and there is no longer any sea.

2.    And I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, made really as a bride adorned for her husband.


               3 Same authorities read Armageddon

               4 Lit., the weight of a talent



3.    And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, «Be­hold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He shall dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself-shall be among them 5.

4.     and He shall wipe away every tear from their eyes; end there shall no longer be any death; there shall no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away».

5.     And He who sits on the throne said, «Behold, I am making all things new». And He said, «Write, for these words are faithful and true».

6.     And He said to me, «It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.

7.     «He who overcomes shall inherit these things, and 1 Will be his God and he will be My son.

8.     «But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable «and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idola­ters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death».

9.    And one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls full of the seven last plagues, came and spoke with me, saying, «Come here, I shall show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb».

10. And he carried me away in the Spirit6 to a great and high mountain, and showed me the holy, city, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.

11.  having the glory of God. Her brilliance was like a very costly stone, as a stone of crystal-clear jasper.

12.  It. had a great and high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names were written on them, which are those of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel.

13.  There were three gates on the east and three gates on the north and three gates on the south and three gates on the west.

14.   And the wall of the city had twelve foundation stones, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

15. And the one who spoke with me had a gold measur­ing rod to measure the city, and its gates and its wall.


               5 Some ancient mss, add, and be their God

6 Or, in spirit


16.  And the city is laid out as a square, and its length is as great as the width; and he measured the city with the rod, fifteen7 hundred miles; its length and width and height are equal.

17.  And he measured its wall, seventy-two yards8, ac­cording to human measurements, which are also angelic measurements.

18.  And the material of the wall was jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass.

19.  The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation stone was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fouth, emerald;  

20.  the fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; the eighth, beryl; the ninth, topaz; the tenth, chrysoprase; the eleventh, jacinth; the twelfth, amethyst.

21. And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

22.  And I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God, the Al­mighty, and the Lamb, are its temple.

23.  And the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God has illuminated it, and its lamp is the Lamb.

24.  And the nations shall walk by its light, and the kings of the earth shall bring their glory into it.

25.  And in the daytime (for there shall be no night there) Its gates shall never be closed;

26.  and they shall bring the glory and the honor of the nations onto it;

27.  and nothing unclean and no one who practices abom­ination and lying, shall ever come, into it, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life.


7 Lit., twelve thousand stadia; a stadion was about 600 ft.   

8 Lit., one hundred forty-four cubits




NEW NOSTRADAMUS,                                                        



Dear readers, this is the evidence of Evgeny Berezikov, a painter and writer, which deals with the third millennium and which was given to him by the Spirit the Universal Sub­stance also called Cosmic Reason by the contactors. Evgeny Berezikov has ascended, step by step, by the way of the In­tuition and described his endeavor in the book «Essays about the Incognizable» issued in Russia by the Fizkultura i Sport (Physical Culture and Sport) publishing house.

Like Michel Nostradamus, Evgeny Berezikov lifts the veil of time to show us the future.                                       

In the words of M.Bulgacov, «to control (human life and the general order on Earth), one should have, after all, an exact plan for a certain passable period of time, let us say, a thousand years...»

The future tense, in Russian, English and many other languages, has a connotation which means looking forward and making forecasts. It is in the nature of human life in general to aspire to a better future and come to know the laws of the development of man, the Earth, and the Universe as a whole. A realization of this aspiration can be seen in the hoary past already, as witnessed by priests, magi, prophets, and oracles. Many of them received world-wide acclaim. It is with this in mind that we refer to such stunning names as Hermes Trismegistus, Pythagoras and so many others. St. John's Revelation is known to have startled the Christian world.       

Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) was an astrologer, a physician, and a poet. Even today his prophecies amaze our imagination. Many of them have come true in fact.

Within our life's span there are known a whole Pleiad of eminent masters of soothsay, such as Helena and Nikolai Rerich, Helena Blavatsky, and Daniil Andreev.

Who are they? How do they develop from being a kind of clairvoyant for a narrow circle of friends to becoming world-famous heralds of the future?

Some people take them still for magicians bringing bad news and infusing phobias for the future. For others they are prescient of the future able to penetrate into it and provide us with knowledge to prevent the possible evils from coming true and to give hope to people.

The publishers of this book stick undoubtfully to the lat­ter. While you get acquainted with Evgeny Berezikov's mys­tical forecast, you definitely should not be rebuffed by the word «mysticism» though its meaning is mysterious. The life of our spirit, with its ability to penetrate into the other dimensions and to find its way to Eternity itself, is mystical due to its own nature. Eternity, with its indifference to the past, the present and the future, is also mystical. It is inaccessible for the perishable human being, but it contains in it­self the prerequisites for the breath of life and the sparkle of the Spirit. It houses both the Universe and the Soul.

In his book «Apostle Paul's mysticism» Albert Schweitzer, our famous contemporary, explains the meaning of mysti­cism as follows:

«Mysticism comes into the open when somebody is about to break through the barrier between the earthly and the un­earthly, between the temporary and the eternal, and with the entry into the eternal and the unearthly, the temporary and earthly experience; is to be overcome.»

Guideline to Evgeny Berezikov's forecast

 Much in E.Berezikov's prophecy is not clear and looks gloomy beginning from the devastating natural calamities and technological catastrophes up to the drastic diminution of the Earth's population and the appearance of the «Black Flower» in the twenty-sixth century. But none of the foretel­lers of the future has managed to do without gloomy fore­casts so far. And in fact, there are so many gloomy pages in the history of mankind...

E.Berezikov's evidence is nevertheless generally optimis­tic. Life on Earth will be developing further on, new centres of human civilization will emerge, mankind will forget about wars and establish contacts with representatives of other worlds...                 

A mystery is to be found in the following simple words of E.Berezikov's forecast: «Life comes from the Cosmos but its code stays on Earth».

«Wherever the Spirit leaves its traces, life is transfigured and becomes purer, more beautiful, more perfect», says O.M.Aivanhov.

This forecast is given to us so that we could improve what is possible to improve in ourselves and on Earth.

In this book you will find extracts from the works of Michel Nostradamus and the Revelation to John. We think both have much in common with E.Berezikov's forecast al­though their languages are different, the former belonging to the Renaissance and the latter being part of the antiquity. Surely, they do not even mention such things as the new kinds of energy or AIDS. But scrutinizing all three texts, one finds out that there is also much, in common among them, and primarily it is the warning and the hope.

Some centuries later our descendants may correlate the new prophecy given below while comparing it to the devel­opments of their time, - like we do it today in relation to the warnings of John the Divine and Michel Nostradamus.


[*] Source:

Евгений Березиков. Человечество в третьем тысячелетии. Мистический

прогноз. — «Звезда Востока», 1991, №3, с. 139-150.